ED054R - Midnight Blues Remixes

Nau Squaglia ‘Midnight Blues Remixes’

Artist: Nau Squaglia
Title: Midnight Blues Remixes
Label: Earthly Delights
Cat. #: ED054R
Format: Digital
Release Date: 28.04.2023
01. Inner Voice (Sealtian Remix)
02. Inner Voice (Sides Remix)
03. One More Night (Agustin Ficarra Remix)
04. Relentless (Francesco Mami Remix)
05. Relentless (Maezbi Remix)
06. Reminiscence (Tayu Remix)
07. Schism (Purpura Remix)
08. Shape of Things to Come (Arteforma Remix)
09. Stick to My Guns (Ivan Sandhas Remix)
10. Stick to My Guns (Monner Remix)

Buy link: https://bnd.lc/MidnightBluesRmx

Earthly Delights is a deep and organic house record label. Their new release is the second part of their recent album by Nau Squaglia.

The new release features new remixes of the album’s tracks by an impressive array of artists including Sealtian, Sides, Agustin Ficarra, Francesco Mami, Maezbi, Tayu, Purpura, Arteforma, Ivan Sandhas and Monner.

Ranging in style from atmospheric deep tech to uplifting melodic house, there is a new remix for each of the original tracks on the release. Many of the artists are up-and-coming talents, but there are some established names such as Francesco Mami of labels such as Abracadabra Music, Katermukke, Watergate Records, Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent and Bar 25 Music.

Most of the remix artists are making their Earthly Delights debut, but there are also some existing label favourites including Tayu and Sealtian.

Although many of the remix artists are emerging talents, individually they have contributed tracks and remixes to other noteworthy record labels such as Get Physical, Kindisch, Magician On Duty, Seven Villas and Mango Alley.

Nau Squaglia’s original tracks have soothing synth textures and crisp percussion that he combines with uplifting melodies to create dancefloor orientated tracks. Staying true to the originals, the new remixes breathe fresh life into this master-crafted release.

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