Markantonio, Drumsauw ‘Fusion EP’

Artist: Markantonio, Drumsauw
Title: Fusion EP
Label: AnalyticTrail
Release Date: 2nd June 2023 (EP)
Cat. #.: ANT155
Format: Digital
1) Emotions (Streaming: 5th May 2023)
2) Slave (Streaming: 19th May 2023)
3) Machine
4) Fusion
5) Chromatic

Markantonio reunites with Drumsauw as the pair unveil their five-track ‘Fusion’ EP on AnalyticTrail.

A longstanding name at the heart of the Neapolitan scene before his impressive emergence and career on the international circuit, Italian favourite Markantonio has been an artist leading the forefront of the techno scene for over two decades now. And yet, whether as an artist, a DJ or a label boss, he continues to impress as an artist evolving and shaping the sound of the genre’s future. After recently linking up with one another on Carlo Lio and Kareem Cali’s label On Edge Society in late 2022, he reunites with up-and-coming British techno figure Drumsauw for five more dynamic and impactful techno efforts as they return to Markantonio’s renowned AnalyticTrailimprint for their ‘Fusion’ EP.

Opening the package with authority, lead track ‘Emotions’ is a punchy and warping lead effort built for big moments, while ‘Slave’ keeps the energy high with snarling acid-flecked leads, eerie stabs and shimmering metallic hats throughout. Next, ‘Machine’ is an agile and lively effort which bounces between arpeggiated bass patterns and wonky synth melodies, before title track ‘Fusion’ is another heavy-hitting effort built for peak hours and resounding kicks go to work beneath trippy vocal snippets and sharp percussion licks. To close, the pair don’t hold back with final effort ‘Chromatic’ – a bouncy and poignant techno effort with a soulful flair made for all hours of the night.