Cover NEBUR001 .

Eduardo De La Calle & Varsoom ‘Our Planet’

Artist: Eduardo De La Calle & Varsoom
Title: Our Planet
Label: Nebur Recordings
Cat. #: NEBUR001
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2nd October 2020

  1. Eduardo De La Calle – Losing my Cohn Mind 2
  2. Eduardo De La Calle – New Neoliberal Ideas
  3. Varsoom – Our Planet
  4. Varsoom – Another Day

Nebur Recordings is a brand new label that kicks off with a superb split EP from techno mainstay Eduardo De La Calle and Varsoom.

The gully prolific Spaniard De La Calle has long been serving up seductively deep and atmospheric techno on labels like the great Planet E, Turbo and Hivern Discs. He has worked under a wide range of aliases and is a critical thinker who imbues his music with spiritualism and wisely sought out samples. Varsoom, meanwhile, is a mysterious figure from Berlin who is only just getting started, but on the evidence served up here, already has a fully formed and fascinating sound.

First up is De La Calle with ‘Losing My Cohn Mind 2’, which is a tunnelling piece of hypnotic techno with dubby chords and deep, sonar like synth pulses. It draws you into its mysterious atmosphere and keeps you there while freaky vocals bring wonderful weirdness. Then comes ‘Neoliberal Ideas’, a darker and more intense track but one that is still spacious and inviting. Withering synths and occult sonic motifs drift about the mix to make it evocative and unsettling as well as groovy.

Varsoom steps up on the flip with ‘Another Day,’ which is melancholic and stripped back to a rolling drum line and haunting lead synth. Percussion joins the mix with an undulating bassline and locks you in a zoned out state of bliss. Closing out the EP is ‘Our Planet’ which has an end of days feel thanks to the roaming and sombre synth and rubbery drums. It’s pensive, evocative techno for the thinking dance floors out there.