Evade Robots ‘Voids’

Artist: Evade Robots
Title: Voids
Remixer: J. Albert
Label: Low Recordings
Cat. #: LOWLA006
Format: Cassette & Digital
Release Date: 28th June 2021

    1. Astral
    2. Drive
    3. Voids
    4. Utopia
    5. Reflect
    6. Drift
    7. Omni
    8. Bloom
    9. Voids (J.Albert Remix)

US artist Evade Robots turns in stunningly deep and atmospheric LP on Low Recordings this June including a remix from J. Albert.

Originally from Mcallen in South Texas, Evade Robots now lives in Los Angeles. He is a talented bass player who has been in various bands and toured for years, opening for respected players such as J. Albert, DJ Nobody and Eureka The Butcher. Evade Robots’ ‘Void’ album is his second release on the tight-knit Low Recordings imprint as he draws on his love for LA’s Low End Theory sound and culture.

The record opens with ‘Astral,’ a deep, bumping but expansive rhythm with its head in the cosmos amongst smeared pads and sci-fi details. The brilliant ‘Bloom’ is another cavernous track. This time it’s built on dusty breakbeats with subtle, hopeful chords. The mix of heady atmospheres and slick drum programming continues on the jostling ‘Drift’ and superbly deep and heavy ‘Drive’ with its organic piano chords and frayed edges.

The warmth and soul of Evade Robots’s productions shine though on ‘Omni,’ which journeys on slick metallic percussion, with downbeat chords adding pensive vibes over the dynamic drums. There is an acid bassline on ‘Reflect’, which drives it along in an irresistible fashion. The excellent ‘Utopia’ is another lithe rhythm doused in soulful pads and cosmic energy, while the title track explores richly melodic deep techno. Last of all, The Trilogy Tapes and Anno affiliate J.Albert remixes ‘Voids’ into a high-energy workout with bristling breaks and spaced-out synth work.

‘Voids’ is an exceptionally charming and heady LP that trips to the outer edges of the universe.