George Tounisidis ‘We Don’t Leave Our Dead Behind’

Artist: George Tounisidis
Title: We Don’t Leave Our Dead Behind
Label: Symbolism
Cat. #: SYMDIGI031
Format: Digital
Release Date: 7th July 2023
01 Albedo
02 Rubedo
03 Citrinitas
04 Dies Irae
05 Nigredo

George Tounisidis returns to Symbolism with the ‘We Don’t Leave Our Dead Behind’ EP.

George Tounisidis is no stranger to Ben Sims’ labels. Having first appeared on Hardgroove back in 2015, he’s since had an EP on Symbolism in 2016, returned to Hardgroove in 2022 and featured on Sims’ Synchronicity compilation on Machine, making him one of a handful of artists to have appeared on all of the UK techno don’s roster of active labels. Opening with the gently evolving hypnotics of ‘Albedo’ that contrasts with the barrelling, joyful clatter of ‘Rubedo’, ‘We Don’t Leave Our Dead Behind’ doesn’t stay in one place too long. ‘Citrinitas’ sees Tounisidis turn in a stripped, acid-licked stomp before switching up to classic, stab-driven sounds on ‘Dies Irae’ ahead of the intense, bleep-driven closer ‘Nigredo’, which brings the EP back full circle. A varied, classy EP from a Sims favourite,