Giorgio Vergani ‘Independence’

Artist: Giorgio Vergini
Title: Independence
Label: Trapez
Cat. #: Trapez 250
Release date: 16. September 2022
1. Independence
2. Icaro
3. Pride

Giorgio Vergani’s Debut on TRAPEZ!

Giorgio Vergani is an upstart in the electronic scene with releases on Natura Viva Black and on Traum. Keeping pretty much under the radar and working hard on music in his studio Giorgio has already received solid support from his fans.
His three tracks for Trapez show that his skill goes beyond borders.
The opening track “Independence” starts as a non-beat electronic track, ambientish and abstract but in its course adds the beats & ingredients a techno tune requires. This is the most daring and advanced track on the ep.

“Icaro” is a steady grinding track with acid like sequences dispersing energy in a great way and beats being in full forward motion. This makes the track a great soulful experience. It’s multiple layers do a great job in creating a solid rhythmic flow.

“Pride” is much richer and shoes more altitude in the acoustic architecture. The added sick sounds give the track some irregular and organic quality alongside the pounding beat.