PACK SHOT Nu Azeite - Vem Pro Mar - Cocada Music

Nu Azeite ‘Vem Pro Mar’

Artist: Nu Azeite
Title: Vem Pro Mar
Label: Cocada Music
Cat. #: CM024
Format: Digital
Release Date: 26th August 2022

Brazilian duo Nu Azeite return to Cocada Music for Vem Pro Mar, a second full-length of sunny disco and jazz-funk following 2021’s fantastic self-titled debut. 

Nu Azeite brings together Rio de Janeiro talents Fabio Santanna and Bernardo Campos, both of whom have backgrounds that span MPB and house, funk and 80s disco with oodles of tropical percussion and jazzy riffs. Everything they do is rooted in the black music scenes of the 70s and 80s from the danceable beats to the storytelling Portuguese lyrics.

Fabio is the musician whose keys have been heard on albums by Marcos Valle and João Bosco, and Bernardo is the DJ who has defined the sound of his hometown as a resident of the famous RARA party and Pato com Laranja bar. Their sound mixes up contemporary touches with plenty of knowing references to the classics and this second album is a further development that dazzles on every level. It is a soundtrack to a day by the beach in Vem Pro Mar with hints of Brazilian legends like Lincoln Olivetti, Tim Maia and Jorge Ben.

The title track drops you onto a sun-kissed beach with warming synth waves and airy vocals while ‘Bate Macumba’ gets the party started with its disco-tinged grooves and ‘Água de Coco’ brings funky basslines and lush strings. Maria Thalita’s seductive vocals feature on the sunset house sounds of ‘Saudade’ and ‘Na Salineira’ has you gazing at a clear blue sky as noodling jazz-funk chords rain down from above.

It’s back to the dance floor with ‘Amor sem fim,’ the tight drums and big horn stabs bringing plenty of Latin party vibes before Maria Thalita returns to effortlessly voice the elastic downtempo grooves of ‘Te trazer pra mim’. The majestic ‘Tudo que eu queria’ pairs futuristic synth work with introspective leads and gentle grooves that make way for the tropical carnival sounds of ‘Mamåe passou no azeite’ and celebratory disco closer that is ‘Aleluia.’

Vem Pro Mar is a danceable, fun and sophisticated album of Brazilian sounds that unites the past and the future in a sunny and breezy present.

01. Nu Azeite – Vem pro Mar
02. Nu Azeite – Bate Macumba
03. Nu Azeite – Água de Coco
04. Nu Azeite feat. Maria Thalita – Saudade
05. Nu Azeite – Na Salineira
06. Nu Azeite – Amor sem fim
07. Nu Azeite feat. Maria Thalita – Te trazer pra mim
08. Nu Azeite – Tudo que eu queria
09. Nu Azeite – Mamåe passou no azeite
10. Nu Azeite – Aleluia