Gleb Filipchenkow ‘Kawi EP’

Artist: Gleb Filipchenkow
Title: Kawi EP
Label: connected
Cat. #: connected134
Format: Digital
Release Date: 27th October 2023
01 Kawi Ft. Mwongeli
02 Kucheza Ft. Mwongeli

Russian artist Gleb Filipchenkow returns to connected with an exquisitely sleek Afro-house two-tracker.

With a number of releases already under his belt, the mysterious Gleb Filipchenkow continues to carve out his own unique space in the electronic landscape. Releases via VOD KM, Kindisch and the Basement Discos have seen him explore genres ranging from acid to downtempo, while his previous release on connected ventured into more melodic territory. As Gleb Filipchenkow returns to connected, his versatility as an artist continues to be showcased with the new EP ‘Kawi’.

Opener ‘Kawi’ kicks off with a restrained groove, ear-tickling percussion and luscious chords. These coalesce into a dreamy atmosphere into which singer Mwongeli’s alluringly hypnotic vocal takes centre stage, rhythmically bobbing with the beat. A warm, buzzy bass ties the track together, providing enough low end to shake any dancefloor.

The paired-back ‘Kucheza’ conjures an even more tranquil mood with twinkling bells and a less urgent, softer vocal from Mwongeli. Just as the tune settles into this ambience, the plucked bassline and percussion drop into place; the groove becomes irresistible, with noodling guitar licks and shuffling shakers completing the effect, conjuring images of dusky nights and orange-lit dancefloors.

This is another pair of accomplished Afro house tracks from Gleb Filipchenkow, as enjoyable at home as on the floor.