Inflyte promo platform announce Spotify & Apple Music integrations

The market leading pre-release promo service Inflyte, today has just announced major new integrations for their promo platform, with the addition of Inflyte Tastemaker Pre-saves, combining promo and pre-save into an elegant all-in-one solution for labels.

The addition of pre-saves for Spotify and Apple Music adds to an expanding roster of integrations, which also includes Pioneer’s Rekordbox, Dropbox, Twitter, Amazon Alexa and more.

These exciting integrations are designed to provide additional layers of functionality that will offer a whole new dimension to Inflyte promo campaigns for the thousands of labels, PR’s and tastemakers who use Inflyte which has grown to become one of the most popular promo platforms worldwide in recent years.

For labels and PRs, Inflyte has added Tastemaker Pre-save functionality, which enables them to embed unique pre-save codes for their releases into any standard Inflyte promo campaign. This has the potential to help them maximise support on streaming services via their existing Inflyte tastemaker database and solves the issue of having to run pre-save campaigns separately on a third-party service.

Tastemakers now have the option of linking their streaming service of choice (Apple Music or Spotify) to their Inflyte account. This will create a special Inflyte playlist in their streaming library, which will magically add any pre-saved campaigns they have rated on Inflyte to their libraries on the day of release – it’s kind of like a personal Promo Inbox. Tastemakers can then use this playlist to keep track of all the releases they positively rated on Inflyte as soon as they become available – which for third party playlisters, radio programmers and DJs in particular will be a huge benefit.

CEO and co-founder Paul Hamill comments, ”Inflyte has proven itself to be the most effective platform in the market for capturing tastemaker support at the pre-release promo stage. These integrations with Spotify and Apple Music have been designed to help our labels leverage ongoing promotional support beyond that initial pre-release phase. This will bridge the disconnect between what tastemakers are doing on Inflyte at pre-release stage and what happens when those releases go live on streaming.”

“Inflyte has now made the process of getting our client’s music on the radar of tastemakers and playlisters using these platforms as easy as possible with a really elegant solution that adds genuine value to our platform for our labels, PRs and tastemakers.”

Unlike conventional consumer focused pre-save services, Inflyte Tastemaker Pre-saves provide audio previews, downloads and of course collect feedback and lots of rich campaign data for labels using the service. Inflyte is the first platform to offer this unique all-in-one solution that combines pre-save functionality and promo in this way.

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