Ion Ludwig ‘Truth Only Exists In Paradise’

Artist: Ion Ludwig
Title: Truth Only Exists In Paradise
Label: Adam’s Bite
Cat. #: ADAMLP001
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 25th September 2020 (Vinyl) / 9th October 2020 (Digital)

Presenting the second entry to Adam’s Bite’s catalogue is none other than minimal maestro, Ion Ludwig with his eleven track album entitled ‘Truth Only Exists In Paradise.

A long-standing favourite amongst house aficionados and a good friend of the family, the Dutch artist provides eleven signature grooves, geared for communal and intimate experiences alike. His sixth full-length album on Swiss label Adam’s Bite is also his most expansive to date following recent long players on his own imprint Ugold Series and Baby Ford’s Trelik. Stretching across three records and sporting a 90 minute runtime, the project shines a light on all sides of Ion Ludwig’s creative perspective. Between reduced, dusty techno tracks and languorous melodic arrangements, ‘Truth Only Exists In Paradise’ carefully explores both mental and physical aspects of Ludwig’s craft. It wears its influences on its sleeve: referencing free-spirited outlooks from jazz and trip hop to New York’s house legacy, Ion Ludwig applies his delicate touch to the aesthetic without compromising in either direction. The result is as rewarding and personal as it is simple—a prime hallmark of every rich piece of minimalist music.

‘Truth Only Exists in Paradise’ tells the truth of non-truth. Nothing today can be seen as independent and no information seems to be holy. The truth is a hopeless lost soul, nowhere welcome or at home except in paradise’. Ion Ludwig

‘Il Pleure Rythmique’ begins with shimmering rhythms above eccentric samples and angelic pads dripping with euphoria before ‘Erodyca Melouse’ offers up rubbery synths, pulsating bass rolls and glistening leads underneath which follows suit in ‘Green Times’ adding quirky elements into the mix. ‘Faster Five Physics’ delivers skippy grooves, minimal aesthetics and seductive low frequencies in this late night dancefloor burner whilst ‘IP Swing’ is a more meditative cut with low-slung drums, rich textures and explorative sonic atmospheres.

Jazzy broken beats, rough-edged modulations which harmonise graciously with the entrancing leads take the focus ‘S3K vs S1MK II’ before easing into the swaying house cut that is ‘Think Music’ which culminates the use of whirling bass strokes, irresistible undulating melodies and elongated acid slurs layered underneath. ‘Going O’ and ‘Soul Vaseline’ make way for two jacking deep house cuts with a touch of sultriness, crystal-clean progression and murmuring wobble bass until flowing into ‘D-room’ which coasts on gratifying chord swells peppered with lively melodic waves and breezy oscillations. ‘Kronkolonie’ then delightfully rounds off this impressive album highlighting Ludwig’s dexterous skill with patiently, enveloping builds, bumping percussion and flourishing instrumentation.


1. Il Pleure Rythmique
2. Erodyca Melouse
3. Green Times
4. Faster Five Physics
5. IP Swing
6. S3K vs S1MK II
7. Think Music
8. Going O
9. Soul Vaseline
10. D-room
11. Kronkolonie