Keith Carnal ‘SEC004’

Artist: Keith Carnal
Title: SEC004
Label: SEC NDº
Cat. #: SEC004
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Release Date: 27th November 2020
1. Hope
2. Endless
3. Daily Route
4. Sadly Mistaken

Amsterdam’s techno talent Keith Carnal returns to his own Second Degree with a fresh four tracker.

Keith Carnal’s techno has a signature sound that draws on rich melodies and locked-in groove – it is made for dancing but comes with an ominous feeling of melancholy that makes a lasting impact.  He also layers in percussion that immerses his audience ever deep and as well as DJing around the globe has also released on Affin LTD, Arts and his very own Second Degree imprint.

He kicks off his latest powerful missive with the driving, rock solid kicks of ‘Hope’, a dark and alluring track where the heavenly synths bring the only light to the groove. ‘Endless’ is a peak-time cut that will have you riding on the edge of your seat thanks to its high speed arps and icy hi hats, all racing along over more firmly rooted kick drums.

Carnal’s cultured studio craftsmanship is laid bare once more on the pounding, stripped back yet compelling ‘Daily Route’ which is linear techno with a soulful synth sound that takes you well into the future on a mysterious vibe. Closer ‘Sadly Mistaken’ has taught, pining kick drums and spooky howling synth sounds that are brilliantly unsettling as you march onwards.