Kousto ‘Guadapipi EP’

Artist: Kousto
Title: Guadapipi EP
Label: Little Foot Records
Cat: LFR003
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 26th 2020
1. Guadapipi
2. Stanley On The Bass
3. Mermaid Kiss
4. Barracuda Quartet

Kousto will self release on his own imprint Little Foot Records ‘Guadapipi’, an EP focused into deep house. The four songs featured aren’t too conceptual or abstract, but go straight to the point with semplicity and because of the effectiveness of the synths, their laid back mood and their 80s fashinating nature determine also a stylistic coherence between all the EP’s tracks. The only one which mostly detaches from the others is the title track, its loopy vocal parts and the disco influences make it happier and better fitting for dancefloor situations.

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