Turbojazz & Sean McCabe feat. Javonntte ‘Wanna Dance’

Artists: Turbojazz, Sean McCabe, Javonntte
Title: Wanna Dance
Label: Last Forever Records
Remixer: Moondance, EVM128
Cat: LFR006
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: October 2nd 2020
A1. Original Mix
B1. Moondance Hi-Tech Mix
B2. EVM128 Remix
Digital Bonus: Instrumental Mix

Pre order link: https://lastforeverrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wanna-dance-ft-javonntte

The brand new deep house ‘Wanna Dance’ EP is born from the transatlantic collaboration between Turbojazz, Sean McCabe and Javanntte, a set of three interesting producers that are getting recognized for their house and deep house alike sounds. Their music is host on the fresh Last Forever Records, a label established in 2019.
The original mix of ‘Wanna Dance’ shows a classic flavor, the semplicity and effectiveness of the instruments make a big role in the track, allowing space to the vocals and to the main chord. Following Moondance makes his version calling it ‘Hi-Tech Mix’, where the vibe gets mellow and dense: there the artist adds a sawtooth bassline and a ticker chord, unexpectedly a touch of sexiness is given with the introduction of some tribal percussions.
The EP is completed with an EVM128’s remix, his interpretation breaks through since the beginning with a syncopate drum rhythm, building over it the elements coming from the main theme. The result is a diverse production that adds some diversity to the entire release, showing another oldschool influence from deep house music.

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