Malek Ales ‘Lips EP’

Artist: Malek Ales
Title: Lips EP
Label: Trapez
Cat. #: Trapez 259
Release date: 14. July 2023
1. Lips
2. Lash Out
3. Lockstep

Stunning techno music by Malek Ales!

Malek Ales made a Dj mix for our TRAPEZ compilation Embark this year. So here finally comes his fourth solo EP which we think features some of the strongest trax he has written for us so far.

His Ep kicks off with the title track “Lips” and what you can except is nothing short of a panic stricken morse code lead sequence. The rush of energy never stops and the groove is as always one of the highlights in his music since done in perfection.

“Lash Out” is a cool and in a way a joyful tune, uplifting and really putting that feeling across for everyone on the dance-floor. That is repetitive exciting simplistic music on a high level! Enjoy

“Lockstep” feels like a sequenced earthquake. Pounding kicks on a loopy sequence meet cool FX and percussion sounds that have a nice acoustic quality providing a deep sounding end to it, whilst it is still energetic and non stop as ever with Malek Ales.