METIER010 - Artwork

Pyramidal Decode ‘Drawing Board’

Artist: Pyramidal Decode
Title: Drawing Board
Cat. #: METIER010
Format: Digital
Release Date: 31.03.2023
01. 115
02. Respiro
03. Null
04. Walk

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MÉTIER is the new label from Jack! Who? and his UK based project that is set to journey into deep, dreamy, dub, techno, acid, electro and ambient that will surprise and delight from release to release.

Allowing artists to experiment with new ideas, it has already featured UBX127 of Len Faki’s Figure as Shifted Minds, Alex Dolby of Developer’s Modularz as AX15 and William Arist of Gary Beck’s BEK Audio as Dusicyon for example.

Collage artwork images are by local artist Grassi Art.

Italian Francesco De Marzo aka Pyramidal Decode has released on Jeff Mills’ Axis, Oscar Mulero’s Warm Up, Developer’s Modularz, Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection and Edit Select Records.

“115” is an ambient and trippy soundscape with a patient and cavernous sound made of wonderful design effects.

“Respiro” has a dreamy and delicate, air-filled feeling. The sparse, tide-like pad sweeps create a deep vibe met with the warm groove from the sub bass.

“Null” takes things up a notch with a pacy, broken beat style and rising intensity. Its cyclical elements buzz and fizz creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Closing the EP with “Walk” which is the moodiest offering, using an abstract approach of stripped back tension and creative, warping percussion.

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