Private Guy ‘Liquid Sun’

Artist: Private Guy
Title: Liquid Sun
Label: Kajunga
Cat. #: KAJUNGA008
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 16th November 2021
1. Lovely Trees
2. Liquid Sun
3. Zipperworld
4. Animals At Play
5. Phase 2: Memories

Kajunga Records co-founder Private Guy steps up with his first-ever solo EP on the label.

As his alias suggests, Minneapolis-based Private Guy likes to keep himself to himself. What is known is that the visual artist, ceramicist, DJ and producer takes musical cues from old school Detroit and Chicago house. He offers a unique take on those familiar sounds using syncopated rhythms and an endless delta of melodies. After contributing to two various artist releases since 2015, this marks Private Guy’s first full solo outing, and the five emotive tracks all add up to one great story.

The brilliant title track introduces the EP with a soft twinkle and a classy deep house groove. Lush melodies and an upbeat bassline lead you through rich chords while spacey reverberations zone you out perfectly. ‘Zipperworld’ is a superb psychedelic journey with more elegant chords and melodious sequences rich in cosmic energy. The track builds to a point of subtle euphoria that cannot fail to overwhelm the dance floor. Showing he has plenty of range, ‘Animals At Play’ then crosses over into a dark, hip-hop-influenced universe with sparse 808 drums and lone bell sounds. It is beautifully eerie and captivating. Last of all, ‘Phase 2: Memories’ closes down with late-night basement juke beats and a twist of contemporary percussion.

Liquid Sun is a superb debut EP that is sure to bring Private Guy plenty of new plaudits.