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Island People ‘II’

Artist: Island People
Title: II
Label: Raster
Cat: r-m197
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release Date: June 25th 2021
01 His Illusion
02 Crash
03 Loneliness Has A Purpose
04 Far From Shore
05 Ten Green Bootles
06 Idyll
07 Sirens
08 Stillness
09 Luna
10 Stalling
11 All My Plants Are Dead
12 Traffic

Conor Dalton, David Donaldson, Greame Reedie and Ian Maclennan sometimes get together under the moniker Island People moniker, proposing to the audience an intricate and advanced ambient oriented sound. ‘II’ is their second album composition after the debut made in 2017, a collection of 12 interesting tracks that shows their vision of electronic music. In the overall the sound is organic and able to arouse a variety of emotions, worthy of attentions ‘His Illusion’, ‘Loneliness Has A Purpose’ and ‘Luna’ which go straight to the point, lightly touching the persona’s soul.

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