PACK SHOT Robotek Reagan - TRANSHUMAN AGENDA - Void Space Institute


Artist: Robotek Reagan
Label: Void Space Institute
Cat. #: VSI-LP-00001
Format: Digital
Release Date: 19th September 2022
2. simp4u
4. revelations
5. ʍօօռ Ɖʀɨք
6. Birds On Acid Lake
7. æ y t h e r ▁ ▂ ▄ β Ξ λ Ͼ Ϛ Η – feat. Dina Moursi

Electronic experimentalist Robotek Reagan dazzles once more with TRANSHUMAN AGENDA, a seven-track EP that marks his biggest musical statement to date.

Sci-fi anime obsessive Reagan has made an immediate mark since setting out on a solo mission once his Dance Spirit duo disbanded. His own Void Space Institute has been home to his high concept sounds which mix up techno, electro, IDM and plenty more into utterly unique and thrilling new musical worlds. After a series of singles and EPs he returns to explore a multitude of more pensive styles with a smattering of thoughtful vocal pieces.

Explains the artist of this new work, “On this EP cover we find our fully grown chimera nanodaptogen from the CTEN experiments on Island 33 in a scene where he’s just broken out of the abandoned underground facilities after being stuck for thousands of years alone in solitude. Freed by a man named Eon Æytheon, he dedicated his life to helping this mysterious adventurer, the first being to ever show it kindness, and help uncover the wild mysteries behind the universe they live in. Upon seeing the ocean and sunset for the first time, he gazes in wild wonder. Having only known infinity to exist in the lonely confines of his growth tank, this new scene showed him a new world of infinity consisting of hope, beauty, and desire.”

This collection opens with the soul-soothing and cinematic ambiance of ‘TRANSHUMAN AGENDA.’ Gorgeous pads and soft melodies drift over gentle rhythms to transplant you to a future world. There is more exquisite synth design on ‘simp4u’ as well as supple bass and skittish drum patterns. As they float amongst the stars, airy vocals add human soul. The fantastic ‘Save Point’ layers twinkling keys and bubbling synth sounds into suspensory ambient bliss and ‘Revelations’ then hypnotises over seven minutes of widescreen downtempo magic. The smeared pads, meandering bass and rippling chords are finished with more zoned-out vocal sounds.

The trip takes a turn into freeform jazz sounds and off-grid beats on ‘ʍօօռ Ɖʀɨք’ which is a woozy, lilting cut that conveys a sense of futuristic romance. The 303-laced ‘Birds On Acid Lake’ then heads off into deep space and pulsing techno territory with warm, powerful drums and last of all ‘æ y t h e r ▁ ▂ ▄ β Ξ λ Ͼ Ϛ Η’ feat. Dina Moursi is another stylish post-rave comedown with scintillating drum patterns and heart-melting vocals.

This is a spellbinding collection from the unique and hyperactive mind of Robotek Reagan.