Moteka & Truant.J ‘Permutation Paradox’

Artist: Moteka & Truant.J
Title: Permutation Paradox
Label: Skryptöm
Cat. #: SKRPT073
Format: CD, digital
Release Date: November 11th 2022
1 – Devastated Wastelands
2 – Oracle Protocol
3 – Reset Intentions
4 – Stimuli Overload
5 – Oedipus R3X
6 – Titanomachy 2.0
7 – Inexorable Desperation
8 – Insignificant Actions
9 – Eleventh Hour
10 – Counterflow Automation
11 – Droïd Catharsis
12 – Permutation Paradox

Moteka (who’s also member of the MOD3RN collective) returns on Skryptöm with a large collaborative album made with Truant.J, another artist who made a few EPs with his similar Truant moniker. ‘Permutation Paradox’ offers a techno journey in line with the one followed by the musicians under the Skryptöm umbrella, providing a large and intense sound, engaging continuosly the listener from the beginning till the last seconds of the final track.

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