SPB 022

Massimo Logli ‘Through My Barricades’

Artist: Massimo Logli
Title: Through My Barricades
Label: Superba Records
Cat. #: SPB022
Release Date: April 1st 2022
1) Love In The Sky
2) As I Am
3) Clouds
4) Let Me Get You
5) Our Destiny
6) Albali
7) Sirio
8) Shake
9) Chasing Star

Massimo Logli shares his way of seeing house and techno with the album ‘Through My Barricades’. That’s a well made nine track selection totally oriented to the dancefloor and with a special kind of sound, in fact that’s possible to recognize some elements from euro dance, progressive house and also trance, styles that probably influenced the artist background and that have characterized in many waves and decades the Italian music panorama. Two of the most impressive things of the album’ songs is the usage of melodies and vocals, rich ingredients to build this catchy and fulfilling music formula.

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