PACKSHOT VONDA7 - Arrivals - art | werk

VONDA7 ‘Arrivals’

Artist: VONDA7
Title: Arrivals
Remixer: Artche & Cornelius (SA)
Label: art | werk
Cat. #: AW019
Format: Digital
Release Date: 1st April 2022
1. Arrivals
2. Arrivals (Artche Remix)
3. Arrivals (Cornelius (SA) Remix)

VONDA7 returns to her fledgling art | werk imprint with new single ‘Arrivals’, backed by remixes from Artche and Cornelius (SA).

Floating amongst genres and sounds to craft her own sound, DJ, producer and label owner VONDA7 is an artist in continual evolution. Following eleven years in her adopted hometown of Berlin, recent movements have welcomed change via a break in Valencia, Spain for new (ad)ventures, working at the renowned Berklee Music College while immersing herself in the country’s iconic Balearic music scene and climate. Having joined Sebastian Muallert for his Circle Of Live course, one of the producers she looks up to most, coupled with exploring deeper connections with her mind and body through yoga, meditation, and long beach walks, April now sees the unveiling of ‘Arrivals’ – featuring remixes from the UK talent Artche and South Africa’s Cornelius.

A resonant and moving production fusing swirling lead synths, delicate, subtle keys and VONDA7’s trademark, whispering vocals, ‘Arrivals’ showcases a captivating and hypnotic slice of melodic techno. Up next, Artche’s remix ups the energy as he journeys deep into the late-night hours via swirling basslines and tough drum licks, before Cornelius’ blissful interpretation effortlessly combines hazy atmospheres and rich soundscapes to close the show.