Sascha Braemer ‘Who Died And Made You King EP’

Artist: Sascha Braemer, Dom Fricot
Title: Who Died And Made You King
Label: Systematic
Remixer: Fedele
Release Date: July 9th, 2021
1. Who Died and Made You King
2. Who Died and Made You King (Fedele Revenge Mix)
3. Mars 96

Systematic Recordings hosts the brand new Sascha Braemer’s EP ‘Who Died And Made You King’, a small track ensemble that shares a cold but organic vibe, which coule be easly referred to the German tech house scene. Fedele takes care of the title track adding some warmth, there the introduction of an oldschool house motif enhances the song potential. ‘Mars 96’ closes the EP with its atypical synthesizer sounds.

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