Glaskin ‘Klaftertief’

Artist: Glaskin
Title: Klaftertief
Label: YAEL Trip Records
Cat.: YTLP001
Release Date: November 12th 2021
1. Intro
2. Klaftertief
3. 22 Grams
4. Hydrogroove I
5. Fine Silver
6. Stalactite Cave
7. Masked Yaiber
8. Querschläger (feat. Malwina)
9. Hydrogroove II
10. Galan
11. Forms

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Glaskin duo debut a few years ago on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings, since that day they continued to improve their creative journey into electronic music. With the publication of the album ‘Klaftertief’ the guys show off their interest for spicy styles such as drum n bass, IDM, techno and electronica, getting an intense flow and a pleasant sensation for our hears. The songs arouse numerous sensations caused by energetic climax, chilling moments and squeezing vibes, fundamental factors for an album, creating the identity of Klaftertief’  and diversifying it from the whole amount of releases available.

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