PACKSHOT Alexander Church & James Welsh - Configurations 17 - Configurations Of Self

Alexander Church & James Welsh ‘Configurations 17’

Artist: Alexander Church & James Welsh
Title: Configurations 17
Label: Configurations of Self
Cat. #: Config17
Format: Digital
Release Date: 26th September 2022
01 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Feel This Way (Vocal Mix)
02 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Feel This Way (Dub Mix)
03 James Welsh – Wynken
04 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Stay (Vocal Mix)
05 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Stay (Dub Mix)
06 James Welsh – RJIW

Following five previous collborations, Alexander Church & James Welsh come together once more for a split EP on Church’s Configurations of Self label.

Church is an adventurous artist who has been on the scene since the mid-nineties. He has made everything from melodic soundscapes to industrial techno under a range of aliases and always draws inspiration from his own deep thinking and desire to tell a personal story. This time he calls on vocalist Rebekah K to add a different dimension to his sounds.

First up is the fantastic ‘Feel This Way (Vocal Mix)’ which has a spine-tingling performance from Rebekah K who adds real soul to the sleek, Detroit-style techno below. It’s an expansive tune that brings real emotion. The dub is just as effective with a more sparingly used vocal glowing over the futurist grooves.

Former post-punk band member Welsh is a versatile producer who is hard to pin down. He has made everything from bass to techno on labels like Futureboogie and Phantasy Sound and has worked with Church on a strong series of EPs in recent times. In solo mode he offers ‘Wynken’, a melancholic masterpiece with sombre chords and a tender vocal buried deep. The punchy drums have soft edges and the whole track encourages serious inward reflection while you dance.

Alexander Church and Rebekah K then offer ‘Stay,’ a seven-minute track on loopy drums that rock back and forth with metallic percussion and bathed in cinematic synths. The vocal brings tenderness to this most widescreen of electronic sounds while the dub drives more directly. Welsh closes the EP with ‘RJIW’, a deep, symphonic but driving cut with smooth vocals and heartfelt chords. It’s a hi-tek soul track that sweeps you up and carries you away on a zoned-out vibe.

This varied EP is another high-water mark for Alexander Church & James Welsh.