PACK SHOT Joton - A Wicked Plot EP - Symbolism

Joton ‘A Wicked Plot EP’

Artist: Joton
Title: A Wicked Plot EP
Label: Symbolism
Cat. #: SYMDIGI016
Format: Digital
Release Date: 25th February 2022
01 Foreign Bodies
02 5 Hours to the Bombardment
03 A Wicked Plot
04 All Tomorrow’s Parties

Spain’s Joton returns to Ben Sims’ Symbolism in late February with his ‘A Wicked Plot’ EP.

Comprising four tracks from the Leon-based producer and head honcho of New Rhythmic Records, ‘A Wicked Plot’ kicks off with the thundering ‘Foreign Bodies’, a track that utilises vast reverb-driven atmospheres as a backdrop to razor-sharp percussion and detuned synth licks.

The rolling gait of ‘5 Hours to Bombardment’ follows with cascading rhythms and swing counterpointed with weird, ethereal melody halfway through its journey. At the same time, the intensity increases with ‘A Wicked Plot’, a track fuelled by tight loops and bold, undulating leads.

Closing out with the densely packed and uncompromisingly potent ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’, ‘A Wicked Plot’ is an EP that aptly displays that harsher sounds and groove need not be separated.