Kiko Navarro ‘Afroterraneo’

Artist: Kiko Navarro
Title: Afroterraneo
Label: Wonderwheel Recordings
Cat: WONDER157
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: April 24th 2020
1. Ihabogi Rawaly feat. Aboubacar Sylla
2. Karabali feat. Isis “Apache” Montero & Roque Martinez
3. Olwakhutando feat. Zama & Dj Fudge
4. Beréde feat. Aboubacar Sylla
5. El Salto Del Martin feat. Joan Bibiloni
6. Okere feat. Nina & Benji Habichuela
7. La Fatiga feat. Miguel Cano
8. Ekobio Monina feat. Ivan St. Ives
9. Vida feat. Joan Bibiloni
10. Cacao Ceremony feat. Nickodemus, Florencia & Kevin Nathaniel Hylton (Album Edit)
11. Para Mamá feat. Caridad de La Luz aka “La Bruja”
12. Bonus Track: Ihabogi Rawaly feat. Aboubacar Sylla (Randomized Coffee Remix)

Buy link: https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/afroterraneo

Kiko Navarro shows through this album his experience and the contaminations that influenced his vision of eletronic music, the 12 tracks of ‘Afroterraneo’ put together house, tribal and deep house coherently and organically. These songs have been produced with the integration of vocals, an essential element which helps to bring warmth, also some ethnical instruments cheer the listening session, introducing unexpeted and imaginary scenarios. That’s positive and good to preserve musical styles like this, they can show the identity of many musicians, and offer an occasion to reunite different cultures and people under the power of music.

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